Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maria Callas "Non mi dir" Don Giovanni Mozart

A woman whose name says it all -- Maria Callas -- sings "Non mi dir" from Don Giovanni by a man whose name says it all - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

  • Role : Donna Anna, a noblewoman
  • Voice Part : soprano   Fach : dramatic coloratura
  • Setting : A room in the palace of Donna Anna
  • Range : E4 to A#/Bb6. Tessitura : G4 to A6
  • Synopsis : Donna Anna, who is still strongly affected by her father's death, asks that Don Ottavio cease talking about marriage until she has had time to get over this tragedy. She still loves him, she says, but would like him to be patient.
English Translation:
I cruel? Ah no, my dearest! It grieves me much to postpone a bliss we have for long desired... But what would the world say? Do not tempt the fortitude; of my tender heart, which already pleads your loving cause. Say not, my beloved, that I am cruel to you: you must know how much I loved you,  and you know what I am true. Calm your torments, if you would not have me die of grief. One day, perhaps, Heaven again will smile on me.