Friday, July 24, 2009

Mozart, the God of Music -- The Queen of the Night aria by Lucia Popp

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "The Magic Flute" is an opera in two acts composed in 1791 to a libretto by Emanuel Schikander. The Magic Flute was premiered in Vienna, Austria, on September 30, 1791 with Mozart conducting it. Can you IMAGINE THAT??, listening to the opera conducted by the Mozart himself?

Arguably the most famous aria from The Magic Flute is "The Queen of the Night" performed by great Lucia Popp (excuse a mistake in video when it says Bartoli, this is unmistakingly Lucia Popp's voice. Enjoy:

More on this Fabulous Aria:

Role : The Queen of the Night,
Voice Part : soprano
Fach : dramatic coloratura
Setting : A magical forest
Range : D4 to F6Tessitura : A5 to A#/Bb6

Synopsis : The Queen of the Night laments that her daughter Pamina has been abducted by King Sarastro. She promises Tamino that if he rescues her, he can marry her. English translation below.

English Translation:
O tremble not, my dear son.
You are innocent, wise, and pious;
A youth such as you
Must do his best
This deeply troubled Mother's heart to comfort.

To suffer I have been selected,
For my daughter is gone from me;
Through her has all my fortune been lost,
A scoundrel has fled with her.
Still I see her trembling
With fearful shaking,
Her frightened quaking,
Her timid effort.

I had to see her stolen from me,
Ah, help! Ah, Help!
Was all she said.
Alone, in vain was her entreaty,
For my help was too weak.
You, you, you, will go to set her free,
You will the daughter's savior be.

And should I see you as victor,
May she be then forever yours.