Saturday, October 24, 2009

Matti Salminen: "In diesen heilg'en Hallen" | "The magic flute" by Mozart

Watch, listen and enjoy Matti Salminen rendition of the "In diesen heilg'en Hallen" from "The magic flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Matti's a very large man with an enormous voice and an expressive face. According to one reviewer, in his prime Salminen was "... simply the largest bass voice in captivity. It is not just its roar in powering over Wagner's maximum orchestra, but the way he carves the sonority and forms the color."


  • Role : Sarastro, high priest of Isis and Osiris
  • Voice Part : bass   Fach : heavy bass
  • Setting : Pamina's room
  • Range : F#/Gb2 to C#/Db4. Tessitura : B3 to C#/Db4
  • Synopsis : After Pamina pleads with Sarastro to have mercy on her scheming mother, Sarastro sings of the ideals of his Brotherhood.
  • English Translation:

    Within these hallowed halls
    One knows not revenge.
    And should a person have fallen,
    Love will guide him to duty.
    Then wanders he on the hand of a friend
    Cheerful and happy into a better land.
    Within these hallowed walls,
    Where human loves the human,
    No traitor can lurk,
    Because one forgives the enemy.
    Whomever these lessons do not please,
    Deserves not to be a human being.