Sunday, January 2, 2011

Maria Callas Biography: A Triumph in Paris and "Onassis Years"

Maria Callas with French President René Coty
1958 - 19th December
Maria Callas makes a sensational début in Paris in a gala concert at the Paris Opéra; celebrities in the audience include Onassis, who begins to take a closer interest in Callas.

By this time Callas has fewer professional engagements. She and Meneghini are invited for a cruise in July on Onassis’s yacht, the Christina, with several other guests including the Churchills; by the end of the cruise Callas and Onassis are lovers and the Meneghini marriage is over. 

Callas curtails her stage appearances and devotes herself to the international high life with Onassis; by 1962 she is performing only at a few concerts. It has been alleged that in March 1960 Callas gave birth to a son by Onassis, but the child died the same day.

A life after the tragic loss of her son, Maria Callas Biography: Return and Triumphs