Friday, November 26, 2010

Jussi Björling: M'appari, Tutt' Amor

Jussi Björling sings "M'appari, Tutt' Amor" from "Martha" by Friedrich von Flotow.

Ach so fromm, ach so traut (M'appari) - No. 15, Lied
      from Act III of the Italian|German opera, Martha by Friedrich von Flotow
      Libretto : W. Friedrich
  • Role : Lionel, Plunkett's foster brother
  • Voice Part : tenor   Fach : lyric tenor
  • Setting : A hunting park in Richmond Forest, England, 18th century during the reign of Queen Anne
  • Range : G3 to A#/Bb5. Tessitura : A4 to G4
  • Synopsis : After meeting Lady Harriet the night before disguised as "Martha", Lionel sees her again with the ladies-in-waiting for Queen Anne. He is struck again by her beauty and grieves that he will probably never be with her again. 
    M'appari tutt' amor;
    il mio sguardo l'incontró
    bella si che il mio cor
    ansioso a lei voló;
    mi feri, mi rapi
    quell'angelica belta
    sculta in cor dall'amor,
    cancellarsi non potra,
    il pesier di poter
    palpitar con lei d'amor;
    puó soprir ji martir
    che m'affanna e strazia il cor!
    Marta. Marta, tu sparisti
    e ji mio cor con tuo ne andó!
    Tu la pace mi rapisti,
    di dolor jo moriró ah!
    di dolor morró, al, morró! ah!
    She appeared to me, full of love,
    my eyes caught sight of her;
    so beautiful that my heart
    flew to her with longing;
    was wounded and inflamed 
    by her angelic beauty 
    which love has engraved in my heart,
    and which cannot be erased,
    and which cannot be erased, 
    of her responding to my passion 
    is able to appease the suffering 
    which distresses me and breaks my heart!
    Martha, Martha, you have vanished, 
    and my heart went with you! 
    You have stolen my peace of mind, 
    I shall die of grief, 
    I shall die, shall die of grief!
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