Friday, November 20, 2009

Jussi Björling / Renata Tebaldi - O soave fanciulla (1956)

Two of the greatest singers ever, Jussi Björling & Renata Tebaldi sing O soave fanciulla (1956)... and so these two titans of the opera world close that door and we hear their radiant voices soaring into the heavens, and this is all we have left of them to remember. A treasured black and white video.

English Translation:

Oh lovely girl, oh sweet face
bathed in the soft moonlight.
I see you in a dream
I'd dream forever!

Ah! Love, you rule alone!

Already I taste in spirit
the heights of tenderness!
Love trembles at our kiss!

How sweet his praises
enter my heart...
Love, you alone rule!
He kisses Mimi.
No, please!
She frees herself.
You're mine!

Your friends are waiting.
You send me away already?
I dare not say what I'd like...

Tell me.
If I came with you...?

What? Mimi!
It would be so fine to stay here.
Outside it's cold.

I'd be near you!
And when we come back?
Who knows?
Give me your arm, my dear...

Your servant, sir...
Tell me you love me!

I love you.
They exit, arm in arm
Love! Love! Love!