Monday, September 7, 2009

Luciano Pavarotti: Celeste Aida from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi

Celeste Aida - Romanza from Act I of the Italian opera, Aïda by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto : Antonio Ghislanzoni. Sung by great Luciano Pavarotti. This performance was recorded in La Scala, in 1986.  

Role: Radamès, an officer in the Egyptian army 
Voice Part : tenor
Fach : dramatic tenor/heldentenor
Setting : A hall in the Palace of the Kings at Memphis.
Range : Has not been entered yet.
Synopsis : Rumors of an impending war with Ethiopia have been circulating. Radamès has just been told by Ramfis that Isis has named a new, young man to command the Egyptian Army. Radamès wishes it were he so he could free Aida.

Celeste Aïda, Radamès's aria from Aïda, English Translation:

If I were that warrior!
If my dream came true!
An army of brave men lead by me
And all victories and the praise of Menfi
And to you, my sweet Aida,
Returning wrapped in laurels
I would say: I've fought for you,
I've won for you!

Heavenly Aida, divine shape,
mystic garland of light and flowers,
you are queen of my thoughts,
you are the splendour of my life
I would like to give you your sky back,
the sweet breeze of the fatherland:
to put a regal garland on your heart
to build up a throne for you next to the sun