Thursday, September 3, 2009

Enrico Caruso - 'Cielo e mar' by Ponchielli from 'La Gioconda'

A voice of the century, Enrico Caruso sings Cielo e mar, Romanza from Act II of the Italian opera, La Gioconda by Amilcare Ponchielli  

Role : Enzo Grimaldo, a Genoese nobleman
Voice Part : tenor
Fach : spinto 
Setting : The deck of Enzo's ship, 17th century
Range : D3 to A#/Bb5.
Tessitura : G3 to G4
Synopsis : As Enzo stands watch on his ship, he awaits the arrival of his love Laura. He sings of the sea and sky around him and his love.

English Translation:

Sky and sea! the airy curtain
sparkles like a holy altar 
Will my angel come from the sky?
will my angel come from the sea?
Here I wait for her; the wind 
now blows hot with love
Ah, that man who sighs for you,
he overcomes you, o golden dreams!
Through the thick air
neither shore nor mountains appear
The horizon kisses the waves;
the waves kiss the horizon.
Here in the darkness, where I lie
waiting with racing heart
Come, o woman, come to my kiss
... of life and of love.

(translation by Mark D. Lew) 

This is combining the BEL CANTO technique with the new veristic qualities that Enrico Caruso gained in time. That's why his voice is regarded as the GREATEST!! NO ONE in the history of recorded sound had these qualities. Beauty, power and technical skills above anything we ever heard. All vocalists should learn from this example of virtuosity! its perfect. And made all in ONE take!