Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Il dolce suono! | Lyrics & Translation | Donizetti & Callas

I'll dolce suono, by Gaetano Donizetti (here sung by the Diva; Maria Callas). 

The coloratura soprano role of Lucia has essentially to duel with a flute in the orchestra, in a scene near the end of the opera (after a great deal of coloratura singing), in which she has gone insane and stabbed her brand new husband, Arturo Bucklaw. Donizetti composed this aria with the accompaniment of a glass harmonica specifically required, but a flute is usually used, unfortunately. It is written in F Major, and ends on a high F above high C.

When Lucia is finished, her brother, Enrico, enters and Lucia dies, apparently from grief. After this superhuman feat of bel canto singing, the audience is left wondering if Lucia dropped dead of a stroke from the effort.

Italian Original (English translation below it):

Il dolce suono mi colpi di sua voce!
Ah, quella voce m'e qui nel cor discesa!
Edgardo! io ti son resa, Edgardo, mio!
fuggita io son de tuoi nemici.
Un gelo me serpeggia nel sen!
trema ogni fibra!
vacilla il pie!

Presso la fonte meco t'assidi al quanto!
Ohime, sorge il tremendo fantasma e ne separa!
Qui ricovriamo, Edgardo, a pie dell'ara.
Sparsa e di rose!
Un armonia celeste, di, non ascolti?
Ah, l'inno suona di nozze!
Il rito per noi s'appresta! Oh, me felice!
Oh gioia che si sente, e non si dice!
Ardon gl'incensi!
Splendon le sacre faci, splendon intorno!
Ecco il ministro!
Porgime la destra!
Oh lieto giorno!
Al fin son tua, al fin sei mia,
a me ti dona un Dio.
Ogni piacer piu grato,
mi fia con te diviso
Del ciel clemente un riso
la vita a noi sara.


English Translation

The sweet sound, hits me, his voice!
Ah, that voice into my heart decends!
Edgardo, I surrender to you
A chill creeps into my breast!
trembles every fiber!
falters my foot!
Near the fountain next to me sit a while!
Alas! arises a tremendous phantom and separates us!
Here let us take refuge, by the foot of the alter.
Strewn is it with roses!
A harmony celestial, do you not hear?
Ah, the marrige hymn plays!
The ceremony for us draws near! Happiness!
Oh, joy that one feels and does not speak of!
The incense burns!
Brilliant the sacred torches, shining all around!
Here is the minister!
Give me your right hand!
Oh, joyous day!
At last, I am your, at last you are mine,
to me you have been given by God.
Every pleasure is more grateful,
(it is) to me, with you, more sweet
From peaceful heaven a smile
life to us will be.